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Lion/Lioness Hanging - Killed in the Surabaya Zoo

by Cee4life - Conservation & Environmental Education 4 Life

Lioness murdered in Surabaya Zoo - Photo by Cee4life

On Monday 6th January 2014, a Lion/Lioness of Surabaya Zoo was found hanging from a snare inside of her cage.

The lion/lioness was said to have lived in a small cage but allowed outside over a number of years. 

It was first reported via personal within the zoo that is was likely that someone from within or connected to the Surabaya Zoo has slung the hanging noose inside the cage then awaited for the lion/lioness to be near enough to tighten the noose around its neck and pull it up, eventually hanging the creature.

In response to this information recieved, Director of Cee4life, Sybelle Foxcroft, said "This is a shocking development.  To resort to the killing of this Lioness/Lion by hanging, is something that is not only deplorable but a heavy insight into the characters in or involved or have obvious access to the Surabaya Zoo."

Foxcroft continued, " I am so shocked that I have barely any words for this.  I support the Indonesian authorities and Surabaya Zoo in finding the true cause of this lions death, and if it was deliberately done then whoever is responsible is found immediately"

If this was a deliberate act to kill this lion, Cee4life urges the Mayor of Surabaya and Surabaya Zoo to act immediately and apprehend those responsible and prosecute them for the murder of a protected animal. 

The death of this lioness/lion has sent shockwaves throughout conservation and animal loving community.  If this was done by someone, this brutal act is highly condemned worldwide and once again the Mayor of Surabaya is urged to act and allow animal welfare, veterinarians and animal skilled specialists and professionals into the Surabaya Zoo to bring immediate aid to these creatures.

We understand that some people believe and/or think of animals as lower life form, resulting in horrific abuse on animals in both captivity and in the wild.  Over the years, via science and intense studies in animal welfare and behavior, it is well known and documented that animals in captivity have specific needs, have emotions and display specific behaviors when lacking any of their needs, they feel pain etc.  Education and training is vital ingredient in preventing the human abuse towards animals type of thought process. 

With the huge amount of media on the Surabaya Zoo that has exposed multiple animal deaths, along with the enormous amount of aid offered to Surabaya Zoo from conservation, animal welfare and zoological organisations, and now with the death of the lion/lioness of Surabaya Zoo, again, we urge the Indonesian Authorities, the Mayor of Surabaya, the Surabaya Zoo to allow conservation, animal welfare and zoological organisations into Surabaya Zoo to aid these animals and provide education and training to the staff.

The hanging death of this Lioness/Lion, whether deliberate or accidental, is unacceptable in any form.

For further information, please contact Public Officer, Donna Reynolds,

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